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TelcoMaster Features

The TelcoMaster system comes complete with 1 - 20 T1 connections (48 - 240 lines). The system is shipped ready to plug in and begin operation.

TelcoMaster provides the following features:

  • Supported Lines: T1, ISDN, E1
  • Inbound 800 call mode: DNIS, ANI, Feature Group D
  • DID call mode Regular or Instant
  • Free local access: Made possible through DID lines
  • 7, 10 or 14 digit account numbers: With separate or integral pin numbers
  • Up to 99 rate tables: View, edit, export, import and assign different rate tables for domestic and international
  • Up to 10 simultaneous languages: Multilingual system provides simultaneous language support
  • All features provide "hot" changes: You do not have to stop the system to implement account changes
  • Full Call Detail: Call billing records containing extensive information about each call
  • Complete Billing Package: Allows "real-time" billing with customer bills printed to paper or disk text files
  • Account Database: I includes individual card adding, editing, group appending and account number generation
  • Multi-Machine Network: Each node can share all of the databases. Regardless of the node the callers call arrives on, the system accurately maintains the callers available credit
  • Quotes Caller Dollars: Remaining credit balance is quoted. (on or off by card)
  • Quotes Caller Minutes: Number of minutes balance will allow, (on or off by card)
  • Last Two/One Minute Warning: The caller is provided with two messages to alert them that their credit balance is about to expire
  • Follow-On Call: This allows the caller to make consecutive calls without having to hang up
  • Speed Dial: Each account can have its own speed dial list. The account can be set to only allow speed dial numbers
  • Voice Mail: The system provides a voicemail box for each account. The caller can dial in and set their own personal greeting, hear, save and delete their own messages. The user is charged by minute while using the voicemail including any long distance
  • Call Back Greeting: Whenever a caller needs to have a call back call pass through a live operator (such as in a hotel) the caller can set the call back greeting
  • Extension number: When a caller is behind a PBX or automated attendant, the system can dial the proper extension number
  • Live Customer Service: Whenever a user calls the system and dials "0" for assistance, you can set the system to automatically call an offsite customer service agent (not required).
  • Custom "Branding" by DNIS: The system can play different opening messages ("branding") depending on the 800 number dialed
  • Credit Card Recharging: Fully automated credit card recharging
  • Payphone Surcharge: System can identify calls from payphones to charge payphone surcharge
  • Integrated Full Backup: Automated backup of all accounts and call records to separate hard drive

TelcoMaster Global Settings:

  • Minimum balance: Amount of credit needed to start a call.
  • Allow/disallow simultaneous cards: To be used for fraud control.
  • Automatic call record exporting: Fully redundant call record storage

Settings By Account:

  • Account Number And PIN: Each account has a unique account number and pin number
  • PIN Integral/Separate: Use PIN as part of account number (integral) or ask for separately
  • First time period settings: Use 3 min, 2 min, 1 min, 30, 18 or 6 second billing
  • Additional time period settings: Use 3 min, 2 min, 1 min, 30, 18 or 6 second billing
  • Unique Language: Language to use after account number is received
  • Account Balance Messages: "Low Balance" message (balance adjustable by account)
  • Various Account Codes: Account codes: ready to be used, active, canceled, free (calling card)
  • Each Callback Number: Callback number
  • Effective Date: Date to start card
  • Days Of Use Allowed: Total days to allow card use (after first use or date to start)
  • Rate Tables: Domestic rate table, international rate table, call back rate table
  • Customer Order Number: Order number (customer identification number)
  • Callback Type: Instant callback (without announcing to user the account status/balance)
  • Separate Pin: If account requires pin verification upon call back
  • PBX Callback: Extension number to dial upon answer (call back)
  • Amount Of Credit Quoting: Voice quote balance in dollars
  • Amount Of Time Quoting: Voice quote minutes available for this call
  • Restricted Accounts: Single destination restricted number
  • Payphone Fee: Payphone fee variable by account
  • Activation Fee: A single activation fee charged upon completion of first call
  • Connection Fee. A per call fee charged upon every connection
  • Maintenance Fee: At any time you can charge a maintenance fee against groups of cards
  • Number Of Calls: Offers set number of calls rather then dollar amount.

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