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Greg Sinkey, the founder of VoiceMasters, has been creating telecommunications software products since the mid-eighties. His original experience (1986-1988) came from the newly created private pay telephone industry where he crafted some of the very first software to provide remote programming and diagnostics in the industry. He also pioneered software to allow major credit card readers to be added to private pay telephones and automate the billing and collection from the credit card companies.

During this experience it became apparent that the real money to be made from these pay telephones was the long distance calls that were charged either to a calling card or collect, rather than the coins made in the box. Mr. Sinkey set out (1988-1990) and created one of the very first fully automated operators to provide these types of calls versus the AT&T operator. This success led to many more innovations in the automation of long distance switching software.

Mr. Sinkey founded VoiceMasters in 1991 to provide voice mail and fax on demand software. In 1992 however, he found that the market was ready for a system to provide pre-paid calling cards and so he developed the TollMaster pre-paid calling card system. During 1993, international call back features were added to the TollMaster system. Many features have been added to date and continue to be added to provide a complete telecommunications switching package.

Teleconnect Article September 1994

VoiceMasters platforms have provided over a billion pre-paid minutes throughout the years.

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